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Play Set for my kids

I purchased my first home in 2010. I have many projects that I have completed since then with the help from my Ryobi Tools. They have not only tackled every project with me but have exceded my expectations with their power and durability. A couple months back my kids started asking me to build them a play area in the back yard so this June I decided me and my Ryobi tools could take it on. First I leveled the ground then covered it with a weed barrier, pea graveled the area. Next I reused some pickets and old 2by4's to build the enclosed fenced area which I used my Ryobi circ saw, drill, right angle drill and reciprocating saw to complete. The next step was the play set, it took me the most time to build but I couldnt imagine how long it would have taken if I dindnt have the new 18v green Ryobi impact driver, the impact is a beast. Theirs not much more to say other than Me and Ryobi Built an awesome play area that they enjoy very much!


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Dominic Handy

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Upload Date: 06/20/2012

Difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 22 hours